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外教雇用告白 Vacancies for Foreign Teachers

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Vacancies for Foreign Teachers

Full time and Part time foreign teachers needed for Beijing Technology and Business University, China


Beijing Technology and Business University (BTBU) is a key state-run university with comprehensive disciplines covering Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Law, Economics, History, Philosophy and Management. There are 43 undergraduate majors, 35 postgraduate majors, 2 master degree programs and joint doctoral programs. BTBU currently has 12,000 full time undergraduates and 1,300 postgraduates and doctoral students.

We are currently hiring English native language teachers possessing a Bachelor’s Degree, Masters Degree or PhD for the next semester which will start in March 2013. We give priority to those who major in MBA, Business and Law.

Our contract will be signed based on half a year or one year. A foreign teacher will be expected to teach 16 hours a week. There is a room available for the foreign teacher.

Email your CV, copy of passport, and degree certificate along with a cover letter to Ms. Emma Zhao, School of Foreign Language, Beijing Technology and BusinessUniversity at lisalh@sohu.com


Job title: English Teacher

Type: Full and Part time (part-time teachers are only for those who are currently employed by other universities or institutions in Beijing)

Organization: Beijing Business and TechnologyUniversity.

Description: BTBU currently has openings in the School of Foreign Languages for native English speakers to teach Spoken English, Intensive Reading, Listening, Writing, Business English, Legal English classes. Teachers who possess a Master or PhD are strongly encouraged to apply.

Objective of the Teaching

- To improve students' pronunciation through phonics, drills, activities, and songs.
- To expand students' practical vocabulary.
- To improve students' fluency through in class speaking activities and debates.
- To correct common grammatical errors in spoken English.

Benchmark Skills Specifically Assessed:
- The ability to construct and sustain simple arguments
- The ability to communicate effectively in oral English in a variety of situations
- Pronunciation, intonation and vocabulary
- Grammar and sentence structure
In general, build their confidence and skills with more fluency, accuracy, and appropriateness in spoken English.


Vacancies for Domestic Teachers


1. Candidates Applying for Teaching Positions of Foreign Language, P.E. or Art

This year's full-time postgraduates with outstanding grades, and professional expertise;

Acquired master’s degree or doctor’s degree;

Graduated from specialized colleges or universities of 211 Project.

Below 28 years old for those with master’s degree;

Below 35 years old for those with PhD degree.

2. Candidates Applying for Teaching Positions in Other Fields

Full-time fresh postgraduates with outstanding grades, professional expertise and doctor’s degree;

Or post-doctoral students highly capable of doing scientific research and having outstanding achievements.

Graduated from high level overseas universities;

Or, at least two of the three degrees (bachelor, master, PhD) awarded by universities of 211 Project in China.

Below 35 years old.

3. Candidates Applying for Administrative Positions

Fresh graduates with bachelor’s degree, below 23 years old ;

Fresh postgraduates with master’s degree, below 30 years old.

Registered permanent residents of Beijing or graduates from overseas universities.

Recruiting Plan

The plan will be published in the home page of BTBU in December every year