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About Us


School of Foreign Languages
School of Foreign Languages (SFL) was first established in 1988, and renamed on Nov.28, 2008. SFL consists of three departments-English Department, College Languages Department I, and College Languages Department II. For over 20 years, SFL has been committed to cultivating inter-disciplinary talents with both outstanding quality and global outlook.
SFL has a group of committed teachers and learned scholars, with the number of 74 in total, among whom there are 17 professors and associate professors, 8 with doctoral degrees and 47 with master's degrees and 2 doctoral students. Many of SFL teachers have international learning experience.
SFL was among the first institutes in Beijing to enroll English major students in 1988. Teachers in English Department are committed to providing the students with all-round specialized training in English proficiency and competency, particularly in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation. Meanwhile, SFL attaches great importance to studentsroadened vision and knowledge in economics, business, management, law, literature, history politics, diplomacy and social culture. Students are offered opportunities of off-campus practice and international communication.  College graduates are generally popular in industries such as international trading, presses, tourism, education, etc. Some of them further their education in famous universities in the world.
There are 45 faculty members in College Languages Department I & II offering language teaching for over 6000 undergraduates and 700 postgraduates each year. College languages departments keep working out solutions collectively to motivate students'initiatives in language learning.
SFL has first-class facilities including a simultaneous interpreting lab, a computer aided translation lab and sufficient language labs to help support teaching and learning.
SFL is a place for exceptionally gifted people in both teaching and research thanks to its unique academic surroundings, outstanding teaching concepts, global academic exchanges, and the career opportunities. SFL has acquired rich academic achievements in research projects and journal publishing in recent years, which in turn promotes teaching and benefits students.